Production of packaged baked goods

For many years, Spanish Market Ltd. has been engaged in the production of baked goods with a long shelf life.

We were the first in Bosnia & Herzegovina to launch packaged croissants with a long shelf life.

In spring 2008, Spanish Market Ltd. initiated its own manufacturing business and opened a manufacturing facility for packaged baked goods in Sarajevo. 

Our first product was placed on the market the very same year - a chocollate filling croissant with a shelf life of 45 days. This made us the first company in Bosnia and Herzegovina producing long shelf life croissants. 

The product was named „NN croissant“ and was packed in a transparent foil for consumers to see its color, form and other features attesting to its freshness and quality. 

Soon after, we also launched a 4-month shelf life croissant. This marked a start of the Quickie brand name. 

Since Spanish Market Ltd. is known for its extensive distribution channels, the Quickie brand gained on popularity. This, as well as consumers recognition of product quality, provided us with further incentive to expand our product range. 

In March 2010, the Quickie product range was complemented by two new product types: Quickie Mini croissant 65 gr and Quickie Muffins 60 gr. In a mission to achieve customer satisfaction, Spanish Market Ltd. strives towards continuous development of its production experts and introduction of modern technology. Speciall attention is paid to all segments of the production and technological process, while product quality is attributable to carefully selected raw materials of top quality. 

As a part of a regular practice, our products are under continuous control of the public health authoritites, thus further contributing to their quality. 

In June 2010, our company ventured into a product export to neighbouring markets. Today, our products can be found on markets of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. The same year, we also initiated exports to EU countries, where products were introduced under a different brand (MON Croissants Vanilla and MON Croissants Cocoa). In the following period, we intend to further develop our product range and launch another new product - Quickie Muffin Chocolate 30gr.

The company plans to launch one new product per year. As a result, the following products have been launched: Quickie Strudel 60gr, Quickie Croissants 4family 5x50gr, etc. In the mean time, we are preparing to open new production lines and introduce state-of-the-art equipment, all for purpose of ensuring top quality to our consumers. 

We were the first company in the Western Balkans to launch a new product type and introduce a novelty to the market of salty snacks. 

In December 2015, we have installed a production line for a new type of salty baked goods. This involves several types of salty baked snacks with a chrunchy texture, prepared with olive oil and containing 100% natural ingredients. They contain no preservatives or artificial colors. The products are oven baked, not roasted and are very tasty to eat in any occasion. All products are available in different packaging and have different weight. 

The company holds ISO CERTIFICATES and operates in line with procedures of the HACCP system of quality management. 

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